Guiding women to create a joyful life where they feel beautiful, sexy, strong, empowered, healthy and energized – in other words, Beautiful, Bold and Balanced!
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You’re probably here because you’re searching for something – more energy, more time, a healthier lifestyle, how to bring the sexy back into your life, how to build more “you” time into your day, how to find joy again. Eating vegetables, sexiness, and joy – yes they really are connected and I can help you with any and all of them.


I help women create the foundations and practices for a life that is joyful, nourishing, spiritually connected and manageable. My work is more than just words – I put in the time everyday to strengthen the foundations and practices I have built for myself, so my life genuinely reflects what I teach my clients.

My work integrates holistic nutrition, energy healing, intuitive healing and guidance, and life coaching. I have helped clients manage stress and anxiety, tap into their spiritual side and connect with universal energy, alleviate pain, and build a healthier, balanced lifestyle. If you’re searching for a partner to help you boost your body, mind, and spirit, we just might be meant to work together.


Of all the information on this website, I think this page is perhaps the most important one of all.

My story isn’t just about the energy I get from eating whole fresh foods and the grounding that regular meditation brings to my life. An “about me” page can never fully capture someone’s essence, but I hope that my story here will give you a strong sense of who I am because I believe when choosing a healing practitioner and guide, feeling a connection to that practitioner is essential.


My journey to the joy and loving connections I have in my life now has been a bumpy and sometimes extremely difficult one. However, these heartaches, challenges and even grief are all a part of who I am today and enable me to connect on a deep level with clients and help them to work their own struggles.


As a young girl growing up, I often felt “different.” I struggled with depression and was often sick. I loved being in nature and enjoyed building complex fantasy worlds in my daydreams, but I was never a loner. As a teenager and young adult, my health issues continued, complete with many visits to doctors and more prescriptions for pills that were supposed to make everything better. Nevertheless, I remained connected to my friends, crossing over cliques and categories. I was that girl, you know the one who befriended you when you were new to school and didn’t know anyone.


Connecting people, crossing over category lines of the cool kids, the brainy ones, the quiet ones – helping people find where they feel like they really belong is something I started doing even as a teenager.


Being a mother is one of the most important parts of my life, but that part of my life didn’t start off in the most ideal way. When my son was born, I was in my early twenties and I was completely unprepared to be a mother. I experienced intense joy mixed with anxiety, panic, depression and fear, as well as exhaustion. Being a new mother can feel very lonely, and my husband was an addict. I became stuck in a rut of unhealthy behaviors, both physically and emotionally, and I wasn’t taking care of myself. I knew intuitively that by not caring for myself I couldn’t be the mother to my son I knew I could be. I chose to shift this pattern by leaving my husband to give my son and me a healthier, happier life. Before I was 30 I found myself as a single mother trying to rebuild my health. I desperately wanted to fix myself, to feel healthy and energetic for my son and myself.

I had always been interested in self-help and psychology, so I started exploring ways to pull myself out of the rut I was in. I started learning about and being treated with alternative healing methods, those based on the whole person and ones that didn’t simply push another pill as a quick solution. I decided to work with a Reiki Master to begin my certification. I attended weeks of retreats and courses focusing on breathe, meditation and love. I met my current husband and he was so supportive and loving that I didn’t trust it – I couldn’t believe that I was that lovable and desirable and I realized I needed not only to heal my body but learn to love myself completely. With my husband’s support, I travelled to India to attend courses at The Oneness University and further built a foundation of regular yoga and meditation practice in my life and as a result, I began to feel truly connected to my body for the first time in my life.

My body forced me to leave corporate and continue to explore alternative healing.

I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When my husband and I realized I was pregnant, we were overjoyed, only to be devastated when I miscarried at 16 weeks. Then almost immediately got pregnant by surprise and had my beautiful daughter, when my son was 12 years old. Here I was a mother of a pre-teen boy and a brand new baby. It was like being a new mother all over again. Then, when my daughter was 14 days old, she had a major health crisis. Not only was I coming to terms with being a mother of a new baby, while making sure my son still felt loved and supported, I now had to accept the challenge of parenting a health-challenged child.


Through supporting my daughter’s health, working with acupuncturists, naturopaths and energy healers was really reaffirmation for me that you must dig into all the things we need in order to be truly, fully healthy. This journey to feeling whole and balanced wasn’t always easy, there were days when the last thing I felt like doing was to sit in stillness. There are still days where I don’t feel like showing up.

Now I meet those days with gentleness and a compassionate heart for me.

Through consistent practices, I created an ability to lovingly care for me and others.

This self-care helped me to realize that feeling whole – beautiful, bold and balanced – meant not only feeling whole within myself but also helping others in their own journey to feeling beautiful, bold and balanced. So I also became a Reiki Master and a Deeksha Blessing Giver and my spiritual life grew even stronger. One day I woke up, sat and felt into myself and realized that for the first time in ages, I didn’t have a headache or feel depressed and I actually felt excited, happy and full of energy to face the day ahead.


I want you to know that I understand. I’ve been there and I promise you that life doesn’t have to always be such a struggle, never having enough time or energy for not only your family but also yourself. In addition to my family, my work is what brings me daily joy and knowledge that I am on the right path. Helping people to learn to trust their intuition and regain their self-confidence is one of the greatest joys in my life. I believe that with the right tools and practices, combined with some helping hands to lift you up and strengthen your own inner resources, you can feel beautiful, sexy, healthy, vibrant, strong and secure in yourself. You’ll begin to feel comfortable putting your needs at the forefront, not at the bottom of your very long list. Self-care can be the first on your list so you are able to be fully present for all of your life’s passions. I want you to find the joy in loving yourself up because you’re worth it.


Know that you can shift anything you want with support and guidance. I am still on my journey, digging deeper into how I can offer my best self to the world. My energy work is expanding, drawing further from the divine, loving flow of energy that we are all a part of.


I am here to guide you and support you, so you can tap into the divine flow and build a beautiful, bold and balanced life that lights you up and lets you shine your own unique, beautiful light on the world.


I’d love to speak with you about your goals and deepest desires. Let’s explore how we can work together to make them a reality.

Blessings for a Beautifully Bold Life,



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