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In every private and small group session I share my heart and soul as a clear channel.

During these changing times, I can help you with grounding, reestablishing your center point and aligning you to energies that support you. It is my distinct pleasure to offer 4 great ways to work with me.

In addition, if you would like further one-on-one support, I am currently offering 3 private sessions for $555. This offer will expire at the end of August.


I will connect and send healing energy for 15 minutes. Detailed notes are not included.
— Investment: $88


I will sit with your question or intention and pull cards. As I connect you will receive a burst of healing energy. The card reading is emailed.
— Investment: $44

CHANNELED MESSAGE OR HEALING in response to your question or intention

As I connect, I will record a guided healing message, activation or chant.
—Investment: $99

Small Group Healing Meditation

I hold these small and very intimate groups where I do a card pull and channeled message for the group. Friday mornings.
— Investment: two options to choose from – $33 per call, or $88 monthly

Make space and bring in possibility by shifting your unconscious beliefs, then create results by conscious action

“I am so grateful and blessed to have Kristin in my life!” Working with her has been absolutely amazing!”

“From a distance, Kristin is able to “feel and cleanse” my energy, picking up on issues arising in my life. We then process these shifts over the phone. Kristin is a loving, supportive and intuitive healer. She creates a safe and nurturing space to work and grow. Her healing gifts are many and I continue to be impressed by her empathy, warmth and knowledge.

I’m a traditionally trained psychiatrist who has been exploring spiritual modalities for years. I’ve worked with several healers. Kristin has her own unique style. She has truly helped me to take hold of and change my life! Kristin has also introduced me to a process called PSYCH-K®. Working with PSYCH-K® has been a freeing and empowering experience! It’s allowed me to release subconscious beliefs that have been self limiting, allowing for wonderful changes to occur.  Since working with Kristen I feel more alive, empowered and free than I ever have before!!!

– Elizabeth Amiel, Psychiatrist

“I can 100% without a doubt say that Kristin and her work have changed my life!”

“Working with her has opened me up to more joy, more magical moments and more happiness than I had previously stuck in an unhappy hustle mentality. Using her PSYCH-K® techniques we were able to break through some deep seeded subconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding me back and keeping me in a low vibrational state. One of the beliefs, which was uncovered in one of our sessions, I didn’t even realize I had! We tapped into a younger version of myself that was holding onto that belief and I felt so much lighter after that session and was able to look at my life through a clearer lens! She has also helped me slow down and live more in the present than I ever have before. She is such a gift!!

– Nikki Johnson, Life Coach & Healer

“When working with Kristin, I always feel safe and supported in her energy and guidance. I am more of “me” than I have been in years and I’ve never felt more alive!”

“Where do I even begin?! Almost a year ago I was introduced to Kristin and her work and it has been transformational! I’ve always been interested in my own spirituality, but somewhere along my life journey I began to shut it out. As soon as I connected with Kristin, I immediately felt drawn to her and began to re-awaken the divine energy and life that was already within me. I am learning to love myself more and more everyday and most importantly, learning how to trust that miracles are always happening for me from our beautiful universe above and within.

Our journey together began with Reiki and Angel healing, but more recently we have been working consistently with PSYCH-K®, where we do energy shifts and balances for the subconscious mind. It’s been incredible to witness how quickly these balances are able to shift the subconscious beliefs through the different exercises that PSYCH-K® embodies. It allows me to disconnect from what no longer serves me, so that I can push forward with what I actually want in my life.

– Kristin Leff, Soul Empowerment Coach and HR Associate.