This 7-week program is designed to help you develop self-confidence through self-love, incorporating 7 simple weekly steps. Feel connected to your body and learn what she needs, including food, movement, stillness practices and fun!
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Energy & Channelled Meditiation Series 


Sacred Connection is a four-meditation series that allows you to experience how energy work can benefit you. Each call will support you in feeling more peaceful, focused and aware.


  • Guided meditations followed by energy work.
  • Recorded calls are no more than 60 minutes, concluding with optional Q & A.
  • For those in process, you may drop off the call as the Q&A section begins, and listen to the discussion on the recording.
  • Because energy is not subject to time or space, the effects of Kristin’s meditations and energy work can be felt on recordings.


The women that feel called to gather are meant to connect.


$222 — Starting soon, dates to be announced.

“Working with Kristin left me feeling so calm, centered, and at ease.”

“Life can feel especially fast paced as an entrepreneur, and within minutes of receiving her long distance Reiki, I already felt more relaxed, anchored and peace-full. Kristin is a loving and gentle soul who has a true gift for helping people reconnect with themselves in a unique and magical way. I’m so blessed that I was able to receive her care and experience her amazing gift, and I definitely recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to do the same.” – Jordana Jaffe, Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs /

“Kristin has such a calm and to the point presence.”

“She has a deep intuition around the root of what’s really going on and a straight forward but gentle way of letting you know. Her light and healing run deep and would leave me in a calm and energized state which I never quite thought was possible through distance healing.” – Holly Chapman, Certified Holistic Health Coach, LMT, Santa Fe, New Mexico