This 7-week program is designed to help you develop self-confidence through self-love, incorporating 7 simple weekly steps. Feel connected to your body and learn what she needs, including food, movement, stillness practices and fun!
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Intuition & Energy Class Series 


Sacred Inspiration is a three-class series that is open to an intimate group of women. It is a beginner course on understanding and listening to your intuition.


  • All classes run 60 minutes with time for Q & A.
  • Live classes are recorded.
  • Handouts and suggested practices.
  • Secret/Private FB group for further connection.


During the class we’ll work on:

  • The foundations of grounding and centering.
  • Playing with your imagination.
  • Auras and energy.
  • Learning and understanding how you perceive and receive guidance.


Classes are led by intuitive guidance. The women that feel called to gather are meant to connect.


$333 — April 26, May 10 & 17. Noon to 1 PM.

“A powerful FEELING experience and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time.”

“I have to say this group was a welcomed experience in my life. I came in mostly expecting to learn with my mind. Like a normal class. But we don’t learn with our mind do we? We learn through experiencing things. I’m a FEELER. Between the POWERFUL guided meditations, the energy Kristin runs to us and our convos in this group… I’m feeling so grateful. It’s been a powerful FEELING experience and I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time.


Not everyone can work with Kristin on a 1:1 basis so this is such a great way for people to get a group experience of what that would be like. So many of the same benefits. Thank you for opening my mind Kristin! And thank you all for adding so much value to this group. It’s nice to know I have a safe place to let my weirdo self be expressed. Y’all just get me. ” – Andrea Crowder

“Kristin’s guidance, insights, knowledge, love and support have helped me in immeasurable ways.”

“I want to take a moment to share my love and appreciation for my friend and mentor, Kristin Clark Haas. I have only known Kristin for a short time but length can not measure the impact she has had on my life. I know my guides and angels placed her in my path last year at an event we both attended. She was an immediate soul sister and friend, and I was later to find she would become a mentor to me as I pursue my spiritual path. Her guidance, insights, knowledge, love and support have helped me in immeasurable ways. She is a gifted healer, spiritual coach and cheerleader, and a most kind hearted earth angel.


A thank you to Kristin and all the ladies of The Sacred Inspiration group. These past 3 months of classes have had powerful messages and beautiful healing meditations. It is a lovely experience to be a part of a collective of women who share a desire to connect with themselves on a deeper level, trusting, loving, and embracing “thinking less and feeling more”. Blessings to all.” – Roberta Strauss

“I’ve had some truly profound experiences during our group meditations…”

“Kristin is an amazing teacher, healer, and facilitator, who created a beautiful space for all the members of Sacred Inspiration. I could feel her support from the moment I joined; in fact there were several times throughout this program when she would text me right at a moment when I needed support. (Her intuition is on point.) I learned some new processes that I’ve been incorporating into my practice, and also had some truly profound experiences during our group meditations where I felt like I connected deeper with myself, my soul and my guides- which is exactly what I was hoping to take away from this group. Thank you Kristin, and thank you to all the other women who shared this space with us. I’m truly grateful that I got to be a part of it.” – Amanda Dulkinys

“The final meditation changed my life.”

“Kristin’s meditation and energy work is always powerful but her final meditation in this group legit changed my life.” – Joy Hawk