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Life has cracked my heart open so many times. I used to resist change. I fought so hard against it but over time I found that each time my heart was shattered, each time I thought I couldn’t stand another moment of suffering, I expanded into a state of oneness with Universal Love. I became a conduit able to radiate even more healing energy for others.

When we work together, I harness this powerfully loving light for your highest and best transformation.

My Story



My philosophy is that transformation and change truly can be beautiful experiences. The problem is that too often we aren’t taught to honor these experiences. Instead, we try to struggle through all alone, losing sleep, experiencing so much pain, and feeling like we’re wandering through our lives restless and lost. We aren’t held in a sacred space for those transformations to occur with ease and grace.


Through my past experiences and training, I’ve learned to hold this deeply sacred space, one that calls forth your own Inner Wisdom, that allows for the gentle unwinding of old structures, and initiates the creation of the new. My life’s work centers around many processes all of which help you through the normal resistance and fear of change. In this way, the felt experience of your expansion feels healthy, grounded, and safe. Drawing on the magic of co-creation, I know that you can truly live a life that’s Beautiful, Bold, and Balanced.

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