With these services and programs, I share my heart and soul as a clear energetic channel to fully support you in your journey.
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I INVITE YOU TO JOIN MY MAILING LIST TO HEAR ABOUT MY NEWS, WORKSHOPS, AND OTHER OFFERINGS. You’ll receive a free meditation as a gift from my heart to yours.

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In every session, I hold grounded space for your unique process. I share my heart and soul as a clear channel to fully support you in your transformation.

About Consultations 


You’re here because you’re searching for something.

You might be going through changes you can see in your personal or professional lives or you may just sense something is shifting.

You’re not willing to live any longer with worry, doubt, and fear dominating your thoughts.

You want a life where you’re nourished and thriving. Where your needs aren’t always last on the list. Where you feel connected and alive every single day.

It is possible to have all that you desire and more. My work helps you with a wide variety of methods including: holistic nutrition, energy healing, intuitive healing and guidance, and life coaching.

It’s important to me that you know that I understand your journey is unique; Which is why when we work together, I provide an individually-customized healing program to help you navigate change and transform your life. 

Every step of the way, you’ll be lovingly supported by my expertise in the intuitive healing arts, Divine Flow energy work, Reiki, and integrative health practices.

One on One Private Consultation with Kristin


In our time together, we’ll co-create a path to your beautiful, bold, and balanced life with a weekly (60 minutes) call which may look like this: 

  • Open the call with a guided meditation to set your intention for the week.
  • Explore the path ahead using a variety of tools to support your healing. 
  • Define self-care practices to support you on this journey. 

My most popular eight-session package is $1777. (Four session packages are also available as are individual one-time sessions. Please ask for what you need.) 

Want to chat first?


On your 30-minute connection call we’ll discuss how I can support you moving ahead and how we can work together. This is designed to ensure we are a good fit for your current needs.

Kristin has changed my life in so many positive ways. I’ve been working with her for about a year and have seen so much transformation internally and externally and I now have so much more love for myself. Plus, she helps me stay grounded, tune into the energy flowing within me and has helped me align with my truest passions. I couldn’t have asked for a better energy coach and feel so lucky to have found her.

Katie Williams, Marketing Consultant and Travel Blogger

Questions & Answers


What happens in a 30-minute Connection Call? During this call, we will discuss your needs and what you are wanting support on. I’ll share how I work, which varies with the individual, and we will both get a feeling if I can help.  


Where do you work?   The sessions are held over the phone. You will dial into the number that I provide from a quiet space without distractions. 


How do I know your availability? You send me an email and we will find a time that works for both of us! My regular clients have a set time every week or every other week. 


What’s a typical session like? The sessions really vary through the use of many different tools. We always start with a grounding and centering practice based on your intention for the session.  After which, I will channel a healing message.  I share a card reading that will vary in length and then traditional energy work is provided for deepening and integration using a variety of tools such as toning, colorwork, inner child work, and intuitive energy medicine.  We end with a few practical steps and tools to practice between sessions. 


Do we have any check-ins between appointments? You may email or text me if an emergency arises or you are feeling the need to reach out. Once you decide to work with me, I hold you in a sacred container and our work continues even when we are not speaking over the phone. *Please know that I unplug on the weekends and after 5 pm in the evening but urgent messages are answered as needed. 


How often do we meet? Most clients meet weekly to keep momentum. However, you may choose bi-weekly appointments if you feel that is better for your schedule or integration.  With some clients, we start weekly and after a few sessions move to bi-weekly. 


What other readings or sessions do you provide? I provide card readings based on a question that you submit.    There are two ways to receive these readings, by phone or email.    For a phone reading, after sitting with your question and pulling your cards, we will schedule a time to meet together over the phone.  The fee for this reading is $88  For an email reading, I will write a response to your question and email it to you.  The fee for an email reading is $55.    To inquire about a reading, e-mail me


Do you make personalized meditations?  Yes! We speak for 20 minutes beforehand to get an idea of what you are working through and I will write and record a custom meditation for you and then send along a recording. 


How do I pay you and do you have any payment plans? Most clients pay me via Venmo or PayPal.  If a payment plan is needed, we can discuss the specifics of this for you.